Our Story

Who We Are

Koenig and Hill is a local Kansas City company.  We grow our produce on site and partner with others who share our vision for local, healthy food.  All of our products meet the following standards:

  • Local, local, local
  • Pesticide and hormone free
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic farming practices
  • Humane farming practices

Our History

Kansas City, itself, is a big reason why we exist.  The two families of Arthur Koenig and Maurice Hill fell in love with KC for its incredible location, history, weather, schools and people.

A hydroponic hobbyist, Maurice enjoyed growing basil and other herbs for family and friends. Friends and neighbors raved, not only about the quality, but also about the endless supply of fresh herbs all year long.

A few friends occasionally mentioned that there was a big need for fresh produce in the winter.  For many, it was all about the taste.  Fresh just tastes better. For others it was about pesticide free, non-GMO, organic and sustainable farming practices.  These were all things they had already made a conscious decision about for their own families.

Arthur and Maurice, both computer geeks, met in the music program at their local church.  Over time they discovered they had much more in common than just music and computers.  On occasion, they would talk about hydroponic gardening.

One winter, Arthur’s daughter returned home from university on the West Coast, raving about the local farmers’ markets there that ran all year long.  She also commented on the tasteless vegetables in local KC stores.  Much as they wanted to defend their beloved KC, they had to admit that for several months out of the year, her statements were mostly true. From late October through Mid-April or later, many of the vegetables were trucked in from California or Mexico.  They were picked under ripe and left on a truck or gassed to appear ripe, losing both taste and nutrition

Maurice and Arthur, now close friends, decided together to expand the hydroponics to include more crops and greater yields.  Their families and friends deserved better.  Neighbors and friends ate it up – literally.  The little hydroponics hobby soon turned into a business.

Always local. Always in season.